2020 MLB All-Star Legacy Projects (Los Angeles, CA)

All-Star Veterans Courtyard — The Veterans Service Center, operated by Volunteers of America Los Angeles, is the first point of contact for homeless veterans in Downtown LA. In collaboration with veteran-led organization The Mission Continues, this effort upgraded existing outdoor gathering space facilities in Skid Row/Downtown LA for veterans receiving day services and those in long-term housing on site, with the following: painting and cosmetic repairs to existing structures and new lighting, new landscaping (refreshed green space, garden beds) and meditation garden, new outdoor dining space, upgraded workout equipment, new benches, and additional beautification projects.

All-Star Dodgers Dreamfield Upgrades at Gilbert Lindsay Park — Located in South Los Angeles, Gilbert Lindsay Park was built on the site of the first “Wrigley Field,” where the Pacific Coast League (PCL) Angels played from 1925-1957 and the Los Angeles Angels played in 1961. The current Dodgers Dreamfield at Gilbert Lindsay Park, originally renovated in 2005, upgraded to support programming, provide a safe and quality place for young women to play softball, and to strengthen community engagement. Enhancements include a field makeover, new fencing and warning track, new bullpens, solar scoreboards, upgrades to the sprinkler system and the addition of a concrete path and ADA-accessible bleachers. The field will be home to the Natasha Watley Softball League and LADF’s Dodgers RBI program partners.

All-Star Dodgers Dreamfields at Lincoln Park — One of the city’s oldest parks, Lincoln Park offers six acres of playing fields, green space and walkways next to the Los Angeles River, in addition to extensive programming offered through the adjacent Lincoln Park Recreation Center. Renovation of the two existing ballfields to include field makeovers, new lights and fencing with windscreen, new bullpens, new solar scoreboards, dugout roofs and foul poles, and upgrades to the sprinkler/watering system. The upgraded fields will be utilized by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and LADF’s Dodgers RBI programs.

All-Star Dodgers Dreamfield at William Mead Homes — Boys & Girls Clubs of West San Gabriel Valley operates six locations in Los Angeles, including the William Mead Clubhouse, which supports nearly 200 members. In partnership with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, this project renovated an existing ballfield  into a safe and quality place to play for Clubhouse kids and nearly 3,500 youth in the community. Renovations include a complete field makeover and installation of fencing, windscreens, scoreboard, backstop signage and more. Upgrades will also be made to the Club’s outdoor space creating a safe, enjoyable space to engage teen members.