Magical Builders™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that during the last 17 years has managed the construction and renovation of dozens of charitable facilities throughout the county, including youth and teen centers, athletic fields, domestic abuse shelters, veterans centers, daycare facilities, homeless and poverty centers, disability centers, affordable housing, hospital family living centers, academic facilities and other projects.  Magical Builders frequently works with Major League Baseball, professional sports teams, athletes, celebrities, other nonprofits, and generous companies and individuals to make a lasting impact on our communities.


Unifying people to advance the well being of children and their communities.


The joy and hope of a child when his or her club, field, playground, school, home or place in the community is transformed into something beautiful.


By improving the lives of children and others in need, we will greatly strengthen our communities.

Magical Builders Initiatives

Magical Builders is achieving its mission through various community-based programs:
Magical Builders™ Renovation Projects: Magical Builders partners with local and national businesses and volunteers to renovate and improve nonprofit facilities serving children and communities in need across the country.

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